Why go to Common People in Southampton?

Festival season is creeping up on us and whilst the temperatures in Britain haven’t exactly risen, it’s time to go and grab a pair of Primark wellies and check your piggy bank for cider money. Festivals will be happening across the UK throughout the summer but on the 27th and 28th of May, the makers... Continue Reading →


Harry Styles is busy taking over the music world – where are the rest of the band now?

One Direction were always my guilty pleasure as a teenager and whilst I still enjoy one or two songs after a few drinks, their decision to focus on their solo careers wasn't a heartbreak for me. But boy, was it a smart move. The first to leave was Zayn, whose solo sound has transformed him... Continue Reading →

The Biggest Music Moments of 2016

What with Desiigner’s ‘Panda’ being played by radio stations and on playlists an innumerable amount of times worldwide and R&B fans getting gassed over Drake’s ‘One Dance’, 2016’s year in music has been mixed. Some of the biggest music events have occurred this year, what with the emergence of David Bowie’s last album ‘Blackstar’ preceding... Continue Reading →

What I’m Listening To – October

The 1975 - Lostmyhead, 'I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It'. This almost 5 and-a-half minute long song doesn't have many lyrics, but the instrumental is captivating - particularly when played on a decent speaker or on full volume in your headphones. The music fuses with the... Continue Reading →

Lovin’ the Uni life

I moved into my University halls of residence a month ago, and I can safely say that I now understand what students mean about continually napping. Although the workload hasn't quite taken its toll just yet, getting drunk nearly every night for a month definitely has! Nonetheless, I'm having such a good time and I'm... Continue Reading →


Since completing my A-Levels and only just beginning my time at University to study Music Journalism, I have been lacking in the amount creativity I'm consuming and producing. Art and Design was always my favourite subject at Sixth Form because of how much of a release it gave me as I had my own platform to express my emotions... Continue Reading →

Moving on up

Last week I received my room offer for halls at uni and since then the whole process has become so real. Despite having been shopping for kitchen utensils, cleaning equipment and bedding prior to the offer, the reality of going to university still hadnt quite set in, until now that is. As I'm moving to... Continue Reading →

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