Live Review: Cabbage, The Joiners Southampton, 17th February

Cabbage’s discordant neo post-punk stage presence at their sold-out show on the 17th of February made the politically fuelled band all the more endearing. Taking place at The Joiners, Southampton, frontman Lee Broadbent spent the majority of the show necking a can of lager, only to drunkenly throw it out onto the crowd – leaving... Continue Reading →


2016: my year in summary

2016 has been a very hectic year for me and – as I can imagine – most people my age. I welcomed the year in with my family as usual, in the midst of deadlines and revision for my A2 exams, as well as awaiting university offers and preparing portfolios for interviews. Achieving goals The... Continue Reading →

Album of the Year 2016: Rihanna – Anti

Rihanna’s latest album Anti is motivating – particularly for women. Female empowerment is prominent in the majority of the songs, with lyrics such as “I got to do things/ My own way darling” taken from ‘Consideration’ and “You need me/ There’s no leaving me behind” from ‘Desperado’, feeling like call to women everywhere to distinguish... Continue Reading →

The Biggest Music Moments of 2016

What with Desiigner’s ‘Panda’ being played by radio stations and on playlists an innumerable amount of times worldwide and R&B fans getting gassed over Drake’s ‘One Dance’, 2016’s year in music has been mixed. Some of the biggest music events have occurred this year, what with the emergence of David Bowie’s last album ‘Blackstar’ preceding... Continue Reading →

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