Live Review: Cabbage, The Joiners Southampton, 17th February

Cabbage’s discordant neo post-punk stage presence at their sold-out show on the 17th of February made the politically fuelled band all the more endearing. Taking place at The Joiners, Southampton, frontman Lee Broadbent spent the majority of the show necking a can of lager, only to drunkenly throw it out onto the crowd – leaving them all soaked and stinking. The gig was impressive to begin with, with popular tracks like ‘Dinner Lady’ and ‘Grim Up North Korea’ causing havoc on and off stage.

Broadbent controlled the show, occasionally taking a step back to play the keyboard whilst the drummer, guitarists and bassists exhibited their punk personalities in a more subtle way. The crowd jumped around avidly and one enthusiastic fan jumped onto the stage, to which Broadbent shoved him off in his drunken stupor. As the performance began to navigate towards a close, it became messy with Broadbent stumbling upon every lyric. The singer once told NME that he wants to be “a marmite-type entity”, and he certainly is. The show came to a close, and as fans chanted for an encore, Broadbent shouted, “pipe down, we’re not Coldplay”.

These boys are definitely not for the faint hearted.

Featured image courtesy of Audio Addict Magazine.


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