Album Review: The XX, ‘I See You’, Young Turks

Since their debut back in 2005, The XX have been known for their stylish yet emo sound, however – giving credence to their producer, Jamie XX – their latest album ‘I See You’ breaks the sound boundaries that the London-based band have been trapped within, seeing them now dabbling in multiple genres all the while maintaining their unique eerie flair.

The album opens with Dangerous, and the combination of jazzy and electro tones mould together to educate listeners that this album is a brighter evolution of the band, contrasting highly with the gloomy sounds of their opening tracks in previous years. Romy Madley-Croft and Oliver Sim’s mellow vocals still blend exceptionally throughout the album, showcasing that The XX’s original roots have not been overstepped by their shiny new sound which merges electronic tones with tropical house and a dabble of dancehall – they have simply increased in dimension. The songs merge together to connect with listeners, telling the familiar story of hope and heartbreak, with the final track Test Me stripping the album back and re-establishing the original halting feel of the band with its slow melodies and dark vocals. The XX are still as captivating as ever, this time with an added expansiveness.


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