Lovin’ the Uni life

I moved into my University halls of residence a month ago, and I can safely say that I now understand what students mean about continually napping. Although the workload hasn’t quite taken its toll just yet, getting drunk nearly every night for a month definitely has! Nonetheless, I’m having such a good time and I’m so glad that I made the decision to move to University, as my course is amazing and I’ve met some really cool people with all sorts of crazy stories.

Before I came to University, I bought a wristband which allowed me access into various clubs and events throughout fresher’s fortnight including a foam party, a UV party and Soundclash Festival. Whilst the foam party was one of the best events, I will add some advice for anyone planning on going to one: do not inhale the foam (the headache I got was a madness) and make sure you wash your body, hair and clothes straight way – I did not enjoy the smell that followed me around the next day, especially as it was my first day of Uni and I was having to sit through 5 hours of introductory talks… not fun. Soundclash was by far the best event that me and my flatmates went to – with over 4 tents of various music genres and performances from Artful Dodger, Wilkinson, Andy C and DJ Fresh, the atmosphere was out of this world – and the burgers were pretty fucking good too.

What makes me happiest about having taken the jump to go to Uni is the fact that I love my course so much; it’s everything I wanted it to be – unless I’m very hungover, then all I want it to be is my bed. I’m studying music journalism, so as well as practising reviewing, writing news stories and interviewing artists, I have to learn about the evolution of criticism, the growth of media in the 18th century and Fabbri’s rules of genre classification  – which makes me sound really clever.

I’m finally starting to get myself into a routine now that I’ve properly settled in and have begun acting more like an adult – mainly taking the very adult responsibility of consuming too much alcohol than I can handle..

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings, I’ve already made so many amazing memories and been given loads of opportunities within my course so I can’t wait to embrace the whole experience even more.


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