Moving on up

Last week I received my room offer for halls at uni and since then the whole process has become so real. Despite having been shopping for kitchen utensils, cleaning equipment and bedding prior to the offer, the reality of going to university still hadnt quite set in, until now that is.

As I’m moving to the coast from South London, I’m really going to get the whole University experience – living away from family in a completely unknown city, having no choice but to create reliable relationships with new people relatively quickly and bearing the independence of being able to live the way I want (based around the rules of tenancy of course).

I’m already a pretty independent woman (cue the beyonce music) but knowing that I’m going to be completely relying on myself is a very scary thought – having to go food shopping is the worst thing, I do very well in getting out of doing that at home. Nonetheless, I’m soooo excited to move in and prove – mainly to myself – that I can take on the various unwanted responsibilities of life all the while still cherishing the beauty of immaturity.

As all of my friends are also heading to university this year, we’ve all been able to give eachother advice and talk about our worries, which has helped most of the time – until we’re all simultaneously panicking in the lead up to results day. Coincidently, one of my oldest friends will be living in the same city as me and another friend of ours will only be a 10 minute train journey away, so if we all go into meltdown it won’t take long to meet up and down some shots to ease the anxiety (or to talk like normal people).

I now have exactly 4 weeks and 5 days until I move out of my home and make a new one for myself, and aside from the odd bursts of anxiety, I really can’t wait. That’s if I get the grades..let’s not think about that part just yet though.


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