First blog post

I’ve always been apprehensive to start up a blog – part of it was because I never thought I’d have enough time to make it worthwhile, but my main concern was that nobody would read it! I did actually start creating one about 10 months ago to put towards a portfolio which was filled with music video recommendations, interviews with artists, articles and reviews, but I never got round to publishing it for all the world to see. Nonetheless, as I’m heading to uni in two months and starting my own life as an adult (ish) I thought I may as well try it out. So here it is.

As I told you on my home page, I’m intending for the blog to be based around music – which means tons of  reviews, interviews, videos, recommendations and so on; but if you’re not that much of a music fan – or the music I’ll be posting about doesn’t exactly appeal to you – there will still be loads of stuff here that will hopefully interest you like recommendations on places to go, opinions on new trends and loads more.

So, if anyone out there is actually reading this, thanks for stopping by and tell your friends! If nobody is reading this, I’ll just keep talking to myself.




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